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2 min readMay 13, 2022


KlayDinos are coming to Second City :)

Hi KlayDino Hodlers! Hake here and we are happy to announce that KlayDino and Second City have have decided to form a partnership to cooperate in this next go-to Metaverse :)

Second City has been designed & developed for the last 5 years under the guidance of team leader, Louis Kim, with 26 team members as of now getting ready to kick off its minting in May 22 followed by the grand open in August 22.

Here’s the roadmap of Second City in 2022

  • 2022.05 | 1 st Beta test scheduled Estimated 2500 in Seoul, 1,000 in Beijing, 1,000 in New York, and 1,000 in Tokyo
  • 2022.06 | CITY token to be listed on DEX exchange NFT’s exchange site is scheduled to open Starland Open Beta scheduled. Map disclosure and retention of NFTLAND information, as well as distribution of full-scale teaser video
  • 2022.07 | 2nd additional minting or public sale scheduled
  • 2022.08 | Estimated to open City Hall and LAND of each city
  • 2022.4Q | Landmark Construction Additional content to be expanded Release SECONDCITY 2.0

There is going to be a lot of features enabled in the Metaverse that includes

  • NFT Lands & Buildings
  • Running Stores (Buying and Selling MErchs)
  • Creating Items (Assets)
  • Advertisements
  • Companies (Office workflow)
  • Social and Commercial Services
  • Games
  • Adventures and Pet breeding

As a future resident of Second City, KlayDino will work closely with Second City team to enhance our KlayDino IPs in a way of building KlayDino Stores within Second City as well as Gaming / Pet breeding systems. And Who knows? There is literally no limit in this world! How exciting!

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