Partnership announcement — ND

We have met a project that has passion and interest for NFT markets and NFT projects in Klaytn Network. Here we would like to introduce our new MoU partner, ND SHEPS CLUB.

Many have observed that we are at the cusp of an NFT boom. Even so, many say it has so much potential and stories to be unfolded that not many actually know what it actually means to us and what is the main driver of those NFT projects.

ND has come right here to hit the nail on the head by gathering up NFT projects and making daily news about NFTs so readers or those who are interested to know about NFTs can actually learn from it.

ND itself is an NFT project run by the media company where it is going to highlight those through several channels such as Twitter, Discord, and Youtube.

Here are the roadmaps ND planned out 📝

What ND wants to draw as a big picture as a whole is to create a community to gather up all the creators so all the creators (NFT Holders) in ND project can be influenced/inspired by one another and also create synergies within the community itself.

Through this partnership, we would like to collaborate in

  • Marketing
  • Collaboration / Creating a place for creators
  • Metaverse

Please keep an eye out for the ND project to go further in the near future! 🦖🌎



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