Partnership announcement — Bad Baby

Klay Dino
2 min readFeb 28, 2022

With the technological development of our modern society, there has been an increasing pace of toxic/harmful chemicals being found in our daily products. We could even see microplastics in our feeding bottles for our babies!

Observing these phenomena happening more frequently, affecting the well-being of our babies, One baby finally stood up for it to make a change...

Do you see how determinant / angry he is?

Though he may seem small and tiny (born yesterday it seems though!), he is determined to pursue his goals and protect us from harmful chemicals in our daily lives, especially for babies.

And today we would like to introduce our new partnership, Bad baby 🪆

Bad baby NFT Project is backed by the well-known unicorn company ‘Social Bean’ specializes in providing premium baby products, bringing a safer world to babies all around the world. With the leading of Bad babies, we believe our future for babies will be a lot safer place to live with 🦕

Based on our partnership, we will be cooperating in

  • Cooperate in Klaytn NFT Market /Global expansion
  • Merchandise based on IPs
  • Launching of Bad Baby X KlayDino Special edition Merchs & Influencer marketing
  • Cooperation in marketing for each project

Here are the official links for Bad Baby! 🧸